Tuesday Night Hustle – The Night I Was a Nail

June 26, 2014 § Leave a comment

I first heard about the Tuesday Night Hustle last year on a Saturday Pronto ride. The Pronto rides are usually A level rides with some B+ riders, and depending on who shows, a few A+ and A++ level riders who are willing to put the hammer down every once in a while. It all depends on who shows up. In more cases than not, the Pronto Ride is not a hammer-fest. This essay is about The Tuesday Night Hustle, and not The Pronto Ride. In any case, I had heard about this ride that once it leaves the confines of┬áRed Bank over the still-temporarily-structurally-standing Front Street bridge, it opens up into full-on-hold-on-for-dear-life and whatever you do, don’t get dropped.

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