Bringing Cliff Home – Final

August 17, 2016 § 1 Comment

When I first started to help Cliff plan this trip, we talked about his final day on the bike, and it just felt like that day should be a Bear Mountain to Sea Bright via Manhattan ride. Most of the route is very familiar to us already because we have utilized Fort Lee as a starting point for more than a few round trips to Bear Mountain. Cliff and others did once take the ferry to Manhattan, do the round trip to Bear Mountain, and then the ferry home again, so even the West Side Bike path is not unfamiliar territory.

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Bringing Cliff Home – Day 2

August 16, 2016 § Leave a comment

The morning began relatively early because we were planning on a big day, and we couldn’t start that big day until we drove back to Albany and got started from where we left off the day prior. Our accommodations included a “Continental” breakfast which consisted of Bananas, Yogurt, Coffee and various pastries. It was very spartan. We wanted to be leaving by 7am so by 6:30 we basically saw everyone come and go from the food table.

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Bringing Cliff Home – Day 1

August 15, 2016 § Leave a comment

The day began relatively early. Although there wasn’t much in Little Falls, the Travel Lodge did offer us some breakfast, and we were able to get a solid base in for the long day ahead. The plan was to set off with Cliff’s PAC Tour buddies (The EFM Crew) and ride with them into Saratoga Springs where they would stop for lunch. There we would split off and head Southeast while the PAC Tour continued East. Along the way about every 20 clicks or so, the support vehicles would set up a snack and water stop. A place to regroup, and recharge. There would be two of these, and we had our own Sag wagon being driven by Michael. Michael did a fantastic job provisioning everything. By my estimates, we probably could have made it all the way to Florida just consuming all the consumables that he put together for us. In addition Michael brought fold up chairs, and a shade canopy, so we were going to Sag in style and comfort.

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Bringing Cliff Home – Getting Started

August 14, 2016 § Leave a comment

Cliff approached me almost two years ago regarding his desire to do a trans-continental bicycle ride. In those early days the basic idea/hope was that in our advanced years, there may be others among his friends that would be interested in doing some part of or the entire journey with him. This plan also included a really good friend who would be willing to sag the entire trip with a support vehicle, as it was Cliff’s intention to stay in motels along the way, and not carry anything on the bike other than bare necessities.

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