Saturday March 5 – 8:30 P.M. 1938

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I am confused. This next letter is headed 8:30 P.M. and you will note the Postage Stamping on the envelope as being March 5th so that implies that Elvin typed this out rather quickly that evening, and somehow got it into the postage stream that night when it was processed! The back of the envelope bears witness to it getting stamped in Albuquerque the next day, and Newark the day after. 1938. Amazing.

Elvin is traveling, by train I would assume, and perhaps the contents of the letter will bear this information.

Background Information. SEC is Star Electric Company, a subsidiary of Star Electric Motor Company, a business started by my Great Grandfather Emil Hollander. With Wharton in his education, Elvin convinced Emil to diversify and they branched of Star Electric Company to manufacture dry cleaning equipment. Apparently they have customers all the way in New Mexico, and Elvin was looking in on some of these installations.

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