Banff – Scott Hellier

October 12, 2016 § 1 Comment

Scotty is the person I have known the least amount of time, though I suppose you could argue that though I have knownDrew Butler all his life, I didn’t really get to know him until we started hiking together, and by that standard, Scotty is next to last.

Anyway, I first met Scotty in Phoenix when I came out to accompany Marty on this last excursion into the Grand Canyon. A trip that would enter at Hermits Rest, and emerge at The Bright Angel Trail in the Village.

Scotty is an extremely capable hiker and camper. Scotty selflessly hung back in Bear Team 2 and looked after the slower moving group. Credit that I can not claim for myself even once, as I simply cannot handle the back like that. I have to be out front leading with a full stride. Selfish? Yes. Scotty is special.

An easy going personality that fit in well with this group. I have invited Scotty to both of my previous adventures. The GC I can understand not attending, as a been there done that twice of thrice rings loud and clear. He just couldn’t when we went to Utah, but this time he let me know that he was serious in trying to make it, and make it he did. Even after finding out that his most familiar friend Walt (Marty) would not stay with us the entire trip he still came out to spend a week with people whom mostly he did not know. We have kept track of each other on Facegag, and we do have some common interests (Chickens), we haven’t hiked together since 2011, so he took a real chance coming out to play with us, and that has to be acknowledged.

Scotty lives in Eugene Oregon. You know, Oregon. It is the state between Bill Gates, and Larry Paige where they have Cascade Hops and a thriving beer culture. Scotty is from Philly and when he was married to Ken P’s sister, Ken took him on a long alcohol trip up 101 all the way into Oregon, and when Scotty came to, he found himself in his future home. He has been there since, and though he isn’t Kenny P’s brother-in-law any longer, he does have partner there, and they are expecting a child this January. Scotty will be a great father. I need to amend this as Scotty has already been living the parent role with his partner’s young son (whose name escapes me even though Scotty mentioned his name at least a dozen times as in “Tomorrow when we are in town I need to get something for ______”). [I have since been reminded that the young man’s name is Lucas]

Scotty works in retail wood-based heaters. He is in negotiations to purchase the business from his current boss who will be retiring, and Scotty seems like a sure bet to carry this business forward. Good luck Scotty.

There were a few times on this trip when Scotty came up to me and admonished me for bringing him into this fantastic wilderness. Damn You! Facetiousness be damned. We had a fantastic adventure together, and I look forward to our next walk in the woods.


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