Banff – Drew Butler

October 17, 2016 § 1 Comment

It could be argued (successfully) that I have have known Drew all his life, and that would be true, but you don’t really know someone until you have spent some time in the back-country hiking with them.

Drew and I made up (along with Jim Kirby) Bear Team 1, and together we almost always found the trail to keep moving forward. Almost? Well, we both failed to pursue the apparent loss of the trail heading East out of Wildflower, but no harm done, and we all had fun and were content with the decision made.

Drew is a young male, and when we had pointed that out to a bunch of Belgians who were there on a 3 week multi-back-country adventure, the Belgian group quickly pushed forward a young lovely female companion of theirs that was also available. “Get that woman’s name and number!”.

Drew has a terrific memory, and an uncanny instinct or eye for the trail. It was with his guidance and assistance that both Jim Kirby and I were able to stay on the Trail Wednesday and lead the team out. Most of the time the trail was easy to see, but it is when it is NOT easy to see, that a well trained eye is an asset. Drew was that asset, and we were lucky to have him. It isn’t many 20 somethings that can spend a week in the woods with a bunch of leaky prostate old men, that are his father’s age, but Drew did fine.

Drew is a board man or boardman as in Drew loves snowboarding. Our first morning in the back-country we awoke to some sleet remnants, most of which adhered to my Tyvek tarp, which on a side note had to be cleared at night because it hung so close to my face, so without warning I simply smashed my palm into the underside to clear some of the sleet. What that sounded like to the others, I didn’t really care. At the end of the second day we had a squall hit us and dump a few inches of fresh not-sleet snow, and this activity alone lifted young Drew like an electron thrust into an outer excited state. He was stoked and right at that moment, any doubts he had about hanging with his Dad and Dad-aged friends for a week slipped beyond a state of retrieval and Drew was in his element.


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