Monday May 27th – 4 P.M. 1935

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We see in this letter the first mistakes that I have seen in the letters so far. That is to say mistakes that were missed by Elvin. There were corrections, and I didn’t note them, but these were uncaught, and I think deserve mention.

Also, we see in this letter a definite dialog in answers to questions that Vivien must have posed in a letter to Elvin. Too bad I don’t have those letters!

Another note here is that when Elvin finishes these letters, sometimes it seems like he walks right over to a mailbox, or the Post Office, and deposits the letter. The postmarks are sometimes very close to the time these letters are written. This one in particular. He starts the letter at 4pm, and it’s postmarked 6:30pm the same day!

Dearest Darling,

Here I am back in good old Arlington again. I returned all the way from Washington last night. I left Washington at 8:30 P.M. and got here at 2:30 A.M. I pile into bed and slept until 10:00 A.M. Went to the plant and worked until 3 P.M. and came home for the rest of the say. Believe it or not, darling, I got an order for a machine in Washington. It is to be installed while I’m up in Canton. Considering it was the first sold in Washington, we did very well on it even though I had to make a few concessions. I was working with Wm Shields, our Washington representative.

I felt just plain lousy this morning but I feel a lot better now. My head felt like it was 3 1/2 times larger than it was and my eyes felt just like they hated to be in their natural sockets. Oh well, that’s the price you have to pay for business these days.

Nice illegal stationery you sent me darling. Too bad you can’t use1.

No, I haven’t joined the W.C.T.U. yet but I don’t drink very much socially any more. It’s so rare that it’s not worth mentioning. I just don’t care to drink for some reason.

Quit insulting yourself darling. I won’t have it. You’re not being a pest and you’re not a nuisance! I love to have you fooling around with me. And I do love you dearest – more than it is possible to say.

O.K. I’ll tell your folks that bacculaureate is at 4 P.M. That out (ought) to pep them up2.

Yes, darling, will you get them to hold a room for me at the Tea Cozy over Friday and Saturday night? Thanks dearest.

I’d be glad to go to Ottawa on Saturday. As far as any arrangements go darling, make them whichever way you like or want and I’ll be perfectly satisfied and happy. You’re the boss as far as I’m concerned.

Yes, I want a single room at Norwood Inn.

I’ll give Kitty a ring (telephone, I mean) darling. By the way dearest tomorrow is the 28th. Just consider that all the love and kisses I’m capable of are winging their way to Canton. Nine months darling. The anniversary of the best night I’ve spent yet3.

Yes “two” was the number darling but if the first is as Barbara – well I guess it will be “one”. (Of course you might have something to say)

Your finger may be itching for the Ring but I’ve got a few fingers that are itching to put it on your itching finger, darling. I’m also beginning to excer exercise my arm again for those most important and enjoyable lak tasks.

I haven’t given any thought to the color of the bathroom or the kitchen. Never having had much experience at either, I guess I’ll just have to rely entirely on your judgement. I like green though because it is a cool color. If I Tell Bernie anything about thecolor scheme you wish and I’ll agree with you.

O.K. I’ll look for Al Owen at 5 A.M. Sharp on the corner of the Pike and Kearny Ave. And I’ll invite Kitty to ride up with me.

Only eleven days darling and we’ll be singing like the birdies sing. Then we’ll be off. How about taking in the Poughkeepsie Regatta in June? Looks like Pennsylvania should win it or rather they have a good chance to take it, I hope. We could make a nice Saturday of it.

Au Revoir dearest. I hope the exams are being defeated overwhelmingly.

I love you dearest,


1 What is Elvin talking about?

2 I added ought, and he misspelled baccalaureate :).

3 Hmmm. I wonder what Elvin refers to? What anniversary? Such scandal!!

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