Barbados Needs Sidewalks

February 7, 2015 § Leave a comment

Yes Barbados has some sidewalks but hardly enough for all the roadway that exists on this island paradise. Perhaps you might believe that paradise doesn’t include sidewalks, but you would be wrong. If there are roads, and there certainly are roads in Barbados, and there are pedestrians, and there are plenty of pedestrians in Barbados, and they have to get from the transit stop home, then Barbados needs sidewalks. Keep in mind that pedestrian traffic is not limited to daylight hours only, oh no! They are in the road in the dark in dark clothing and are very hard to see. Did I mention that they drive on the left here in Barbados?

Barbados needs storm sewers

Yes, Barbados has some storm sewers, but they need a lot more! ABC Highway has storm sewers, but that is the only road on the whole island that does. For the rest, if there is any storm water management at all, then it is dirt trenches along the sides, or worse, two foot deep concrete trenches that are between you staying left to avoid oncoming traffic that is passing, or traffic that is swinging wide to avoid you. In the best case with the concrete trenches they could be dental type molding just on the roadside, but that will hardly keep you from driving into them.

Barbados needs asphalt

Yes, Barbados has asphalt, but not nearly enough as it needs, if the condition of many existing roads is any clue. To come across smooth road is such a rare occurrence here I am at a loss to express how grateful I am when the rent-a-wreck I am driving ceases to rattle and hum down the road.

Barbados needs vegetation trimmers!

This, I am not sure exists on the island! In many places there is up to two feet of missing roadway covered by vegetation, thus squeezing you and opposing traffic into a smaller space, and I cannot tell you how many times I have competed for space on roads that will not allow two small vehicles to pass comfortably without pushing into the brush.

Barbados needs street lights!

Yes, Barbados has some street lights. We found some down in Castle Gulley, so far from anything it seemed crazy, but so much of the back country is not lighted, so when the sun goes down, you need your high beams, but with so much opposing traffic at times, you don’t always have that option. When the lights do exist, it is so much easier to see!!

Barbados needs thinner trucks and buses!

Wherever the roads go, public, and private transit systems go. It is truly amazing how many off-the-beaten-track places we have seen bus stop signs. Everywhere!! These buses move too!! If you are opposing them, they always win. If the roads don’t get any wider, then they need thinner buses. Need I say more? Oh, trucks? Forget about it!! They are big, and they use their tonnage to their full advantage, opposing traffic beware.

Barbados HAS outdoor beds!

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