Friday May 17th – 8:45 P.M. 1935

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Whether there were, and I am sure there were, more letters between the last one written up, and this one I don’t have them. It’s implied in this letter that Elvin wrote every Friday night for a Saturday post, and potentially a Sunday read? I guess the United States Postal Service had weekend delivery in 1935. I, of course could be wrong, and maybe it takes a whole week to get to Northern NY, and Vivien gets these posts a week later. Until I come across a letter from Vivien to Elvin with some kind of acknowledgement, we won’t know.


So you received honorable mention in the Hill Newsance again? And you’re to be a bridesmain? Well, it ought to be nice and I hope for Hellen’s sake the month goes quickly.

I just got in from Boston about three-quarters of an hour ago. I left at one o’clock this afternoon. It took me exactly seven hours for the trip. Altogether since Wednesday morning I have driven 900 miles. Not bad for a young fellow is it? I’m rather tired and a little worse for the setting but I’ll be O.K. in the morning, I hope.

Thanks for the pictures, darling, I enjoyed them all. I certainly do remember our tree and if I’m not far wrong, we’ll see that tree again in June. You assumed quite an attitude in a couple of the pictures didn’t you?

I guess Ray has just sort of neglected to write Betty1, if you know what I mean.

Trust you to find economical ways of spending the night of June 10th. You’re right of course – two double rooms would be enough.

We only have three weeks now darling – a few hours less to be exact. Gosh, I agree with you, the days don’t pass quickly enough. Old Father Time should have something done to him. I’ve never in my life counted days as impatiently as I’m counting these off.

When you go up to Kingston, I could take you up on Sunday and come up to get you Monday night. We could take a nice ride up on Sunday afternoon June 16th.

And dearest, just twenty days from today I’ll be getting our ring. I’m anxious as can be just to see it. I know it’s going to be a knockout.

I’m awfully tired darling and you’ll pardon me if I sign off and go to bed. I just couldn’t let the night go by without sending you your Sunday letter.

Goodnight darling

I love you,


P.S. Have a nice Sunday and my regards to Duke.

More love


1 So, the woman in the picture with Ray in this letter was a local school friend of Vivien that she set up for Ray so that Ray had a “Date” if he accompanied his brother. Ray, as I understand it, wasn’t a reliable person. I don’t know the exact details, but he did suffer some (severe?) head trauma in association with a a trolley accident at some point in his life, and as a result, never quite lived up to expectations. He really wasn’t much of a father to his daughter Barbara who was raised by Emil and Wilhelmina (Ray and Elvin’s parents)

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