Tuesday April 2nd – 6:15 PM 1935

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A shorter letter that contained some “snapshots” from a visit that Elvin and Ray made to St Lawrence College to see Vivien. Now, is that one of Vivien’s classmates on Ray’s arm or did they travel up together? I do not know. The golfing shot is also an “I don’t know” Did he throw that in to be cute? It seems warm for that part of NY in March, and why would he travel with golf clubs? I think he is just hamming it for the camera.

Dearest Vivien,

Just two weeks from today we will be meeting at White Plains. At just about 6:15 P.M. too.

I’m enclosing the pictures we took in Canton and one of me trying to look like a golfer.

Poor Betty! Down with the measles1 again! How long will it take her to get rid of them this time? Give her my best if you see her.

Seems like you’re going to be making a terrific round of parties within the next couple of weeks. Well, I hope you enjoy everyone of them. I hope you dig up that pirate costume. So Stan Ferris hasn’t been able to make connections? What are you doing, darling, disciplining him?

Scholarship Chairman, eh? Congratulations darling. If I remember correctly, the Scholarship Chairman had to be a scholar. That would mean your abilities are respected by the sisters.

Well, I guess we can discuss our principles of budgetary control when we get together2. And I think we’ll be fortunate to get off to as nice a start as we are. And you can’t be any more proud of me than I am of you. I don’t know who’s told you that you were extravagant. You can write it down that I don’t think so. From what I’ve seen of you in operation, I think you’re going to be the real business head of the family.

So you still have an antipathy to twin beds. I’m glad, darling. I do too. I’m also too much of an icebox to sleep alone.

I heard a song today that will apply to me at Easter. The title was “I’ve gotta go see a man about a daughter.” Guess I’ll have to learn it. I’, looking forward to that Easter news breaking again.

Yes, darling, you are nice. You still can’t change my mind on that. You never will. Mrs. Riley to the contrary notwithstanding.

You’ll probably get this letter at the same time you get last night’s3. So that you don’t get too much to read at one time, I’ll put the rest in my next letter.

Au revoir darling. I’ll be thinking of you constantly.

All my love,


1 The vaccine wasn’t available back then.

2 There were a couple of paragraphs devoted to budgetary philosophies of Elvin in this letter.

3 Clearly I am missing that letter.

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