Friday May 31st – 6:00 P.M. 1935

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Last day of the month, and Elvin knocks out four pages to his darling in Canton. A joking reference to let “Duke” know that Elvin is serious about Vivien, and apparently Elvin received a two part tome of writing from Vivien who is also studying for exams. I wonder what her major was.

And she transferred from Barnard in her Junior year


One week to go darling. Next Friday at this time we’ll be trotting around in the vicinity of Canton. And will I be glad.

I received Chapters 1 & II of your Tuesday letter today darling. As far as forgiving you for not writing darling, you there is nothing to forgive because I know you’re in the midst of exams and that’s explanation enough for anybody.

You just sort of ran into tough luck on that locked car didn’t you? Just brings to mind a sort of a chain – no keys – no studying – no studying – no keys. Do they have mosquitoes up there? I thought Jersey had a monopoly. Judging by the sporadic attempts you make at studying – you go through school just about the same way I did. Exams never worried me and I can see by your letter that they don’t worry you either.

I’m glad to hear you enjoyed “Les Miserables”. To tell you the truth, I haven’t been to the movies since the last time we went together. And I guess the next time I go will be with you. Anyway I’ll bet you get a 90 in Music even though you feel you did badly on the exam. You see I have faith!!

So your relations in Cleveland know about “us” now? Nice of them to send those rhinestone clips.

By the way how did you make out on bleaching your linen suit? I just had mine done and it looks great. I’ll bring it up to Canton when I come. I think I’ll wear it to the Prom. O.K.?

What does that line mean – “From Vivien, sticking to one’s ends”? I just can’t get the entire picture but I do get a glimmering. They weren’t that nice to me when I left school – the juniors who were going to have my room the next year came in to see things they would like to have stay in the room. Nice Fellows!!

You mean you better get some rest before your Mother walks on the scene.

I hope you have a nice time at the Girls Dorm Dance with Duke tomorrow night. Is his girl coming up or is she going to wait for him to come home?

I haven’t had a chance to get up to W.O. this week but will do so either this weekend or Monday night. I’ll tell your folks that the baccalaureate is a 3 P.M. I’ll also try to sell them on the idea of staying in Gouverneur Saturday night.

I’m looking forward to that trip to Ottawa too. I’ve never been in Ottawa up to now. Tell Duke if he starts getting any false notions about “good behavior” I’ll toss him in the St. Lawrence1. And if I can get a hold of one of those little red camera booklets I will.

No Barbara isn’t bad, she’s just spoiled. It’s all Ray’s fault. He shouldn’t give in to her so much. She absolutely has no conception of what you mean when you say “no”. She just wants her own way and that’s all there is to it. At least when we get ours when and if we do, we’ll at least work together – when you say “no”, I’ll say “no” too. I just can’t stand a spoiled child2.

No, I didn’t forget our anniversary this time darling and I promise you I don’t forget very often. And I do appreciate your lengthy letter – I was overwhelmed, to say the least, when (I) saw them. The I and II on the envelopes led Lillian to remark on your writing letters in chapters now. Esther came home at noon and found them here and brought them up to me.

Yesterday, Decoration Day, I went out and played golf all day – 36 holes in fact. I shot a rotten game but had a good time. Your Mother, I understand, is going to let you have her clubs – so we’ll be able to play a bit this summer anyway.

A cut price cleaning store by the name of Kent’s Cleaning Stores just open in Newark and he has demoralized the whole industry in this part of the country. I’ll tell you more about it when I see you. To me it’s just an instance of a darn good name gone wrong.

Just a couple of more letters to go darling. I’ll be in Canton around noon surely next Friday. You see I gain an hour because you’re on old time. I’ll give Kitty a ring this weekend and see if she wants to come up.

Have a nice Sunday darling. I wish I were with you.

I love you


1 The first instance in any of these letters at what many of you might have been thinking. “Who is this “Duke” and why is Elvin being so nice to him. Of course, Elvin is joking here, but I wouldn’t be surprised that if Vivien had given Duke even the slightest hint of interest, that he wouldn’t have dumped his “Girl from home” and tried to sweep Vivien off her feet. I scoured her yearbook for “Duke”, but no nicknames listed, and no one named Marmaduke.

2 To hear my Dad say it, I think they followed through on this, though I think they were harder on my Aunt than on my Dad. It could be argued that Kent was pretty spoiled as well.

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