Tuesday June 4th – 6:45 P.M. 1935

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The last letter in this series Elvin holds true to his word and mails this letter before driving the 350 miles to Canton N.Y. (Think where the sun don’t shine) to be with his sweetheart. If you have been taking the time to read these, then perhaps you too are smitten a wee bit by Elvin’s charm and his turns of phrase. I would call this stuff poetry, but it does strike a chord.

Without further ado, let’s get to it.

Dearest Darling,

The last letter darling – yes, the last from me to you at Canton. “The old order changeth, giving way to the new.” It has been an awful lot of fun writing these letters but fun or not, I hope that hereafter we won’t get far enough apart to have to resort to letters.

I was up to W.O. last night and your Mother seems determined to get to Canton on Saturday night. In fact, she was talking as if it were a dead certainty. So I guess Canton will be blessed with the prescen presence of all the immediate Kent’s on Saturday night. I’m going up to W.O. Thursday night to pick up everything they can get ready that has to go up to Canton. I’m leaving here Friday morning at 5:00 A.M. rain or shine.

I’ve gotten everything cleaned and pressed for the grand excursion. Even my slipover sweaters – yes, I’m going to bring the one you like so much. My linen suit is all ready to be worn both Friday and Monday nights. I’m also bringing a few pair of slacks to bum around in. I’m not bringing my tuxedo at all. So, darling, I’ll be all spick and span for our next encounter.

I called Kitty before and from what she told me, Mr. Gill1 is on the edge and he will be all over with at almost any time. She can’t come up to Canton this weekend. So there’s another passenger I’ll be minus. It certainly is too bad about Mr. Gill, he’s a peach.

Your Mother told me your dress arrived for the Wedding but she wouldn’t show it to me because she was afraid you might want to show me it yourself. Ih well, I’ll just have to resign myself and wait.

Sunday afternoon I saw Bernie and Al. They had just gotten finished polishing up their car and were ready to go get some company. I only had a few minutes with them and then I left for other parts. I told Al to bring up his white flannels and a blue coat instead of a tux.

The folks returned from their Cleveland and Chicago trip on Sunday afternoon. They were in fine spirits and feeling good. Mother raved for quite a time on how impressed she had been with Chicago. She thought it was a great place. I thought so too when we went out to the fair.

I received your Sunday letter this evening darling. So your all wound up and waiting for your sheepskin? Congratulations darling and I’m just as proud of you whether you only just pass or whether you get perfect marks. You’ve gone through school the right way – you’ve gotten your studies and also you’ve made your contacts and had your fun. I think one gets more benefit from learning how to meet people and entertain them than from all the studying in the world2.

So I’m to be deprived of Al Owen’s company. Aw gee whiz darling, I never get a break do I?

Yes, Thursday night I’m going to get the RING. Will I be careful of that.

Only three and one days darling. In two and one-half, I’ll be on my way up there. Thank goodness the time has gone as quickly as it has. I’ve gotten the fidgets waiting anyway. Yes, darling, I’ll be careful riding up and I’ll be more careful when we come home.

How are you on surprises darling? Better catch up on that surprised look of yours because you’ve got a few in store. What are they? Why, that would be telling darling so possess your soul with patience and you shall find out. When? I can’t say that either darling but it will be soon. Who? Stop trying to pump me and settle down to some serious waiting. So I’m an old meanie, eh? You’ll regret them words my love.

I’ve been going into rosy dreams concerning Canton and one of its fair inhabitants. My emotional side has lavished a wealth of feeling for my mental indulgence. The earthly habitat of Elvin’s spirit has become too small to house all the ecstasies, expant expectancies, and thrills found therein. More than likely Elvin’s optical equipment will shed a common saline liquid upon seeing one, just one, Vivien. As Elvin to Vivien, in fond memory of one August night3, “Gee, I love you kid!” And I’ve kept and increased that love so much during the past year that when I see you darling I’m going to be darn near if not quite speechless.

Good luck darling and I’ll be seeing you noon Friday you know where.

As Always, Just Yours,


I love you

Elvin loves Vivien + Vivien loves Elvin = Heaven4

1 Kitty is in fact Katherine Gill, a Junior that must obviously be from Vivian’s neck of the woods near West Orange. Apparently she was a member of Student Government in 1936. She is from Upper Montclair. Hmm I recall some Gills myself, but maybe not.

2 That is some progressive thinking Elvin E Hollander.

3 What the F happened on one August night?

4 Math or Logic major?

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