Tuesday June 4th 9:15 A.M. 1935

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This letter was written by Vivien the morning of Tuesday the 4th, and Elvin’s last letter is written that night. It seems like everyone had a nickname, or I can’t really read some of Vivian’s writing. Hullie, Heelie, I don’t know. It could be Helen, but she dots an i in each instance, so Helen I think not. However, because of the pictures, and because I found her yearbook online, I was able to ascertain Betty’s identity as Elizabeth Fenn who did come to the reunion in 1985, and hopefully Vivian and her did some catching up. However I couldn’t find Duke, Marcia, Hullie, Kitty etc as there are no nickname references in the yearbook.


I received your Sunday letter last night. Duke was a pal to take me down to the post office so I could have it before we went over to Potsdam for a ride with another couple. Carroll, the other girl wasn’t able to get late permission so we couldn’t go to the movies.

Duke had a dreadful sunburn from Sunday. So before we went out, Hullie (?) and I covered him with Noxema1 while Mrs. Riley watched and laughed. She likes Duke so every thing was O.K.

Over in Potsdam we stopped at a place and found Betty3, Mary Lou, and another Pi Phi with Mr. Ashley – all of them drinking beer. We fooled and talked for ages. After we got back to the house, Duke and I talked some more.

Darling, don’t you think it would be nice if Duke and probably Marcia go to the prom with the four of us? Duke thinks he’s intruding but I know he would like to; and he’s been so swell to me that I think it would mean something to him if we asked him to go with us.

Here are some pictures that were taken on Moving-Up Day and later. More for our collection.

Dearest, if you do remember, try to bring that little book for Duke. He has asked me for it many times, because he found it a great help in his photography course.

And, darling, would you call Mother and ask her to bring me a dark slip (black preferably) to wear under my cap and gown.

I wish I could get tan, dear, but I’m so dark anyway, it takes ages (?). Hullie4 and Duke both got some Sunday, but I’m still the same color. Thank you for the congratulations, dearest.

Darling, I’m not nice really I’m not. And so the argument lingers on.

It’s Tuesday, dear. Friday is merely a couple of days away now and then —-. You will be paying a visit to someone one of these nights so that next Monday everyone will know we love each other2.

Always yours,


1 Hmmm. If I could get slathered up with Noxema by two Pi Phis, I’d go out and get me some sunburn too.

2 Oh, for Pete’s sake what is she implying here!?! Paying a visit? One of these nights? Everyone will know we’re in love?

3 “Betty” – Elizabeth Powell Fenn from Toronto Ontario.

4 Could be Helen Elizabeth Klapp from Amsterdam NY. “Hullie” is a Dutch nickname. You’ll have to look at her writing and tell me what you thing is written.

In some of the pictures that follow, Seniors, in caps and gowns escort the Juniors as “Moving Up Day”,

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