NJ AT Sectional Hike #2 – Mohican Outdoor Center to Culver’s Gap

June 30, 2015 § 1 Comment

June 1, 2015

As is the custom with these sectional day hikes, I don’t exactly get myself fully together until the last moments the night prior, and then I don’t sleep well to boot. Last Saturday night was no different. On the plus side, at least I had managed to get everything together and ready to go, so there was nothing to do in the morning except drag myself out of the sack and get to the car. Negatives? Sleeping, or lack of it. Thoughts of what I was forgetting, or sleeping through the alarm raced through my mind all the while, side thoughts of “I am not asleep yet” percolate occasionally to the head of my consciousness issues queue.

Stupid issues were keeping me awake as well. It’s warmer weather now, so I wasn’t planning on long hiking pants, however, I don’t really own a pair of short hiking pants. I have shorts, but they are all cotton and even though rain was also forecast, no one wants to sweat-wet cotton shorts and wear them all day. So all I had were some pocket-less gym-style shorts which being pocket-less meant that it wouldn’t be easy to access my iPhone for picture taking, and now that I had spent some cash on a Pic Stick, a phone case with a tripod adapter, and a remote shutter release, I had been planning some hiking selfies! Jeopardy! Then I remembered that I had purchased a waterproof pouch, for my backpacking trip in Utah last year which could attach to my shoulder strap, except I didn’t have the slightest idea where it was, and I certainly wasn’t going to find it at 4:30 in the AM. THAT, and whether I should wear compression calf covers during the hike because I was reasonably certain of sore lower legs in the days after the hike if I failed to do something about it. So, little sleep was achieved.

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NY AT #2

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Foliage is coming back

Picking up where we last left off, you may recall that for our first AT section hike in NY, I might have set a goal that was too much for us. Extrapolating from hiking the Rocky Point trail in Hartshorne, to hiking the AT in NY is not really a linear calculation. I told a little lie and said we were doing 17 miles, but that did not include the 2 miles we had to hike to get to the AT in the first place! That also didn’t factor in just how strenuous the trail along the ridge to the west of Greenwood Lake actually turned out to be. Beautiful yes! But also a real nutsack smasher, unless of course you were Susie, and I am not going any further with this analogy.

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NY AT #1

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On The State Line Trail

One of my friends socialized a Thompson Park flyer which advertised several (many) shuttled hiking trips that would cover the entire AT in New York in small 6-8 mile chunks doable by most people in a single day. I said, “Well that is a lot of chunks! Who has that kind of time?” and I set about to design an equivalent set of hikes that could handle it in 5 chunks.

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